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Physics of Solid State Lasers V.V. Antsiferov

Physics of Solid State Lasers

V.V. Antsiferov

Published October 30th 2005
ISBN : 9781898326175
200 pages
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 About the Book 

The authors examine the processes of interaction of coherent radiation with solids, physical relationships governing lasing in dielectric crystals and glasses, activated by luminescent impurities. Solid-state lasers on crystals and glass are used most extensively in science and technology, because of their compact form, durability and a number of unique radiation parameters. To widen the range of application of solid-state lasers, it is necessary to improve the technology of producing new solid-state active media and develop highly efficient methods of controlling laser radiation. The monograph describes the theoretical fundamentals of modelling stochastic processes in interaction of coherent electromagnetic radiation with solids and principles of statistical nonlinear dynamics of lasing in solid-state lasers. Physical mechanisms of methods of controlling the radiation of solid-state lasers, methods of pulse synchronisation and stabilisation and optimisation of the parameters of solid-state lasers to generate powerful monochromatic radiation are discussed. Generalisation of the vast amount of often unique experimental data on the physics of solid state lasers is of fundamental importance for developing new laser and information technologies.